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Kassi Cartia


Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design

WOW Cannonbee, you certainly have been an amazing product to work on. From logo design, packaging design, website design and payment gateway systems, we have seen you grow from an idea to a blooming company!

Janine and Kassi met a few years ago while working on another project together. After Janine went on maternity leave with their gorgeous daughter Voilet, Janine and husband Doug, got their runners on and leapt for the giant entrepreneur train! And here they are…. A gorgeous product, that not only tastes amazing, feels amazing and smells even more divine, it is 100% raw Australia and cruelty free.

Janine and Doug have their own farm outside of Mackay where they love, care and house their honey bees like no other!

Thank you for picking Kartia Designs to be apart of your amazing business growth! We cant wait for whats next for Cannonbee!

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