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Swim Ride Run Faster

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Swim Ride Run Faster

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Kassi Cartia


Graphic Design, Web Design

Damian and Michelle from Swim Ride Run Faster are truly a bucket full of knowledge when it comes to the Swim Ride Run industry! With their business growing by the day, the guys needed a bit of a facelift for their online presence.

So… WA-LA.. we created a new platform for the customers to get the FULL experience.  With their new mobile responsive and interactive website, we are now about to track their users and their monthly site hits. People are able to contact them directly from the new site for bike servicing or to simply call for a chat! Next step.. integrate their POS system to talk to their online store and their Zillmere Shop.

Whether you are a mountain goat cyclist, a trail runner, a swimmer, a crazy triathlete (I know a few ..haha.. ) – you know you are covered with Damo and Michelle. Pop in and see them!

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