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Wholesale Fruit Co

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Wholesale Fruit Co

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Kassi Cartia


Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design

Wholesale Fruit Co have not only  been a dear client of ours for quiet some time, but we have also known their family for over 15 years. Ian and his daughters have been a vital part of their growing business. They are hands on in all aspects to keep the wheels in motion and have the one on one relationship with their customers.

Not too  long ago, the team got together and decided that a face lift of their previous site was a MUST! So… that’s exactly what we did. We went in, stripped it back, gave it some ‘Botox’ aka designers touch, and we now have a new and improved mobile responsive website!

“It looks amazing!!!  This is getting me excited.  Everything I visualised is in this website.  You’re a legend!!” – When you get feedback like this, it doesnt get much better than that!

Thanks for having us on board Wholesale Fruit Co.

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