Ok.. so Kass is on holidays... but how can we help?

During this joyful time, we are ensuring she indulges in a digital detox. So instead of checking emails, she’s more likely to be not thinking about work at all…. PFFT… who am I kidding, it will be a struggle for her not to check emails, but one can only hope!
But worry not, dear one, the Kartia team is here to save the day!
Let’s see how I can assist…
If you’re thinking:
  • “It’s cool, Betty, it can wait” → then there’s nothing further you need to do. I’ll make sure Kass gets to your email when she’s back at her desk, fueled by holiday spirit.
  • “It’s urgent, I need help now” → Oh, jingle bells! Please resend your email with URGENT in the subject line. I’ll use my superior robot routing powers to ensure your email lands in front of Kassi’s twinkling eyes ASAP.
  • “I’d love Kass & her team to sprinkle her creative magic on my next project” → That’s fantastic! I know she would love to hear more about this. The first step is to complete your Project Enquiry Form. When Kassi returns, she’ll be eager to chat about your exciting new project. 
Still seeking some answers?
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May your days be merry and bright, with full bellies and loads of laughs. 🖖🎁
Team at Kartia Designs!

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