Let's get your social media singing!

New year, new you, new social media direction....

Feel like you are creating & posting content with no real plan, intention or goal? Maybe you feel with an outside perspective, a pro in all things social media, you could find a renewed excitement & motivation for sharing your knowledge, skills, services/products to your community!

What platforms do we manage & audit?

How it will work

  1. QUESTIONNAIRE: You will complete a quick and simple questionnaire that will let us know who you are, what you offer, what platforms you use, plus information about things you feel you need guidance and changes in.
  2.  REVIEW: Tahnee will get to work reviewing your brand, platforms, current content  & engagement, competitors. She will research content on different platforms that engage and perform best.
  3. CREATE: With this information, Tahnee will create an outline of what is working and what is not, what changes can be made as well as a full break down of the different content pillars for engaging and effective social media content!
  4. PRESENT: Tahnee will present your personalised audit and strategy for 2024.

What you will walk away with

AUDIT: a detailed audit of your current platforms and the data.

INDUSTRY: information about industry competitors and the elements within their social media strategies that are seeing them have success.

CONTENT IDEAS: a comprehensive outline of the different pillars within content creating in your industry that can be easily taken and used by you to start creating engaging content! I want to give you a month of content ideas to get you inspired.

TIPS AND TRICKS: along with the content ideas, Tahnee will present you with tips and tricks for filming, speaking editing and creating content. From app suggestions to hashtags, sounds, hooks and all the small things that make up successful content!

Meet Tahnee our social media strategist

Before selling her online store,  she grew her brand to 100K social media followers & 15k email, and is now working to help others grow their online communities through organic content and strategies. In an 2023 article by TikTok Australia, Tahnee was highlighted as 1 of 4 upcoming content creators. With a passion for creating engaging video-based content, she continues to explore the every changing social media content needs!

2024... new year, new social strategy!

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