We are media creators with a twist! Creating engaging content for your platforms!

Let's turn heads and make engaging content together!

Whether you want to turn heads, raise eyebrows, ask questions, or just look damn good doing what you do, Kartia Designs is the social media best friend you never knew you needed

With a team of tech loving pro’s, we have an extensive range of services catered to your social media requirements. So you can get back to doing what YOU do best, let us create, edit, schedule and analyse social media content that creates organise exposure and growth.

What platforms do we manage?

Meet Tahnee our social media strategist

Starting her working life as a teacher, Tahnee quickly realised her creative brain was calling for a life filled with colour, design and trends. After 6 years running a successful photography business, working as a photographer for families, weddings and magazines, Hello Fern was born! A successful e-commerce business, Tahnee grew the online community for her brand, mostly on Instagram and TikTok, and grew the business to be industry leaders for Australian families.

In an article by TikTok Australia, Tahnee was highlighted as 1of 4 upcoming content creators and since selling her business in mid 2023, she is excited to help other businesses grow their online communities through organic content and strategies.

If you would simply just like a one-on-one with Tahnee, it is an invaluable session with her to work with her knowledge and gain new ideas, tips & tricks to help you break through the noise of digital!

What we are not responsible for....

Guaranteeing sales
Creating business sales strategies
Making you branding look better
Making your content go viral
The overall success of your business
How you spend the extra time you will have when we take over your social media tasks

Organic VS paid advertising growth:

At Kartia designs, you will find we work differently to agencies that offer paid social media growth and advertising. While we see the worth of paid advertising, we specialise in helping those looking for online growth that is organic. While sometimes slower, it results in a community of follwers that are engaged, connected and ready to experince your service or products long term.

No ‘jack of all trades’ here:

We don’t pretend to be experts in ALL social media platforms and the many fields of play on the internet! Instead, we do a few things, and do them WELL.

We know trending movements within the platforms we use and are continuously growing our skills and knowledge to offer those services to our clients.

Not looking to have someone manage your socials? Social Bestie is the step up from those just winging it, doing it blind and trying to play catch up!

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