Bestie in your pocket... 24/7

Picture this, the most popular girl in school, wants you to join their club.

It’s a small group, only with the coolest cats, or those who WANT TO BE. She knows all the trends, she is hip, she always seems to know what song is popular. She is effort-less in her style. She knows all the tips and tricks at presenting uber cool!

In the group, she wants to take what she knows, what she spends hours researching, learning and investing herself in each week, and share this. 

But, she knows that nobody can be as cool as her, so she wants to break it down, teach it and make it super duper easy! This club is open 24/7. She is on her phone all day so if any club members have issues, she is there for support, inspiration, a kick up the bum and to be your biggest cheerleader! She is also friends with all the clicks (all the industries). She can take any trend and turn it into something for each click. 

Also, she is a busy girl. No body got time for dat! She knows how to automate, batch and SHOW UP every single day, with minimal work!

She also is friends with other super cool kids from other schools where she gives her club members freebies and offers that support their needs.

While she wants everyone to see how cool she is, she doesn’t want to show off, so she wants to teach her members how to show their best selves without SELLING themselves! She wants to teach them how to connect and grow their own super duper cool group of groupies! Like a mini-me!

Not looking to have someone manage your socials, Social Bestie is the step up for those just winging it, doing it blind and trying to play catch up!

It's for those who wish they had ONE place to turn to...

Social Bestie is for those who wish they had ONE place to turn to for support with trends, tech, tips, branding, design and business life etc!

A place to come with an idea, and have it turned into action.

A place to get inspiration with a trends.

A place where someone else has the job of keeping up with the changes in social media apps, hashtags and tricks.

A place where you can have a monthly chat (kickup the bum) and to have a one on one chat with someone who knows you, your brand, your industry, your limitations and your passions.

A place where you come up with a strategy for the month ahead and how to market yourself with available resources!

A place where someone can look at what you are doing right and wrong and how to keep going, change, improve!

the bestie to help you when you're not sure how...

No one knows your brand like you do.

So hiring someone to do social media for you might not work!

You know your brand, business, products, services, customers etc.. but not sure how to keep up with all the changes!

Just wish you had someone to help each week with what to do!??

the brains trust... Meet Tahnee!

Starting her working life as a teacher, Tahnee quickly realised her creative brain was calling for a life filled with colour, design and trends. After 6 years running a successful photography business, working as a photographer for families, weddings and magazines, Hello Fern was born! A successful e-commerce business, Tahnee grew the online community for her brand of over 100K, mostly on Instagram and TikTok, and grew the business to be industry leaders for Australian families.

In an article by TikTok Australia, Tahnee was highlighted as 1 of 4 upcoming content creators and since selling her business in mid 2023, she has been helping other businesses grow their online communities through organic content and strategies.

Tahnee is the Social Bestie you never knew you needed. One person to turn to, to understand the daily changes social media challenges business owners with! A cheerleader, a teacher and someone to talk you through, step-by-step, how to grow and care for an online community! 

the creative mind... Meet Kass

With close to 20 years’ experience, Kassi takes you the extra mile so you stand out from the crowd. Coming from a background of advertising agencies, design studios and boutique office collaborations, she has been mentored by some of the greatest designers, copy writers, production managers and senior finished artists in the industry.

With this, she has also had the pleasure of designing and creating campaigns with so many fantastic brands and companies including Myer, Subway, Cold Rock, Mc Donalds, Pauls Milk, Mathers & Williams Shoes, Flight Centre, Mentos, just to name a few.

Kassi also has experience in creating award winning campaigns, TV commercials, radio commercials, website design, branding, advertising campaigns and more.

Less then a coffee a day, you have a bestie 24/7 to help you grow online yourself, organically

We have made it affordable for businesses to be able to have the support they need to ensure they are being seen in the right way.

Different to costly ongoing management of your social media, or once off training (that is irrelevant in a few weeks anyway), this is as ever changing and growing, like you and your business!

No crazy contracts, we just ask for 3 months commitment to be able to show you the true potential you have and how you can take control of your socials!

so, we've told you the cost... but what's included in our weekly subscription?

  • Private facebook group: daily post with tips, tech support, trends, challenges, mini masterclasses, opportunities for Q and A, support on any ideas you need for social media. Monitored 24/7! This is a community where we support, grow and learn! Dedicated to social media growth but supportive of full business growth and learning!
  • 1 x weekly email with tips, tricks, trends and inspiration. These will be educational and easy for you to action yourself!
  • 1 x monthly one on one with Tahnee where we create content ideas, chat strategy, talk trends, hold you to accountability and go step-by-step any tech questions you have!
  • 1 x monthly tech group masterclass where together we use content we have filmed and learn how to create content with it, from beginning to end and how to repurpose it on multiple platforms
  • BONUS: gift box sent to your business address with some special welcome goodies
  • BONUS: a Canva branding package from Tahnee
  • BONUS: ongoing downloadable free digital products!
  • FOUNDING MEMBERS: will always,  like..FOREVER, pay less $$

I'm keen... but I want to feel the waters

** ps... this is just so you know the goss... this doesn't sign you up**