Partnering with Kartia Designs, a local creative design and marketing agency, the Full Moon hotel embraced a different look to engage new audiences.

The Rebrand.

The Full Moon Hotel was established over 150 years ago and has undergone its first renovation in two decades. Partnering with Kartia Designs, a local creative design and marketing agency, the Full Moon hotel embraced a different look to engage new audiences, refresh The Full Moon Hotel branding and reflect the Hotel’s new goals and offerings. 

Starting with a deep dive into our demographic and desired outcome, Kartia Designs worked with the Hotel’s marketing team to develop a brand strategy and logo that would appeal to our current audiences and be used across multiple platforms on and offline.

The Colours.

Colour became an essential part of the new design and a secondary logo was created alongside the corporate version. Each colour of The Full Moon hotel represents a core department and is used throughout our marketing strategy. 

In addition to colours, icons and fonts, sub-branding was incorporated to further develop each each area. Colour schemes and branding palettes have been carefully chosen to reflect the Full Moon Hotel’s diverse personality and design. This reflects the fun, fresh and cheeky disposition and tone of the Full Moon Hotel. 


During The Full Moon Hotel rebranding, we did an in-depth review of our current market and target market. Developing to include customer profiles so common themes, requirements and expectations to ensure plans were efficiently met. A new integrated strategy was developed in accordance with current market and new campaigns have been created for better sustainability, attract the younger market, families and create new interest for the Hotel.

The Website.

After six years, the Official Full Moon Hotel website was given a complete makeover. Engaging with Kartia Designs to redesign the our website and align with the new branding and overall marketing strategy.

Since the relaunch of the website Late 2021 we have:

  • Automated some of the initial enquiry journey for events, functions and weddings, seeing a 31% increase in enquiries.
  • Automated connection to our database seeing a increase in subscribers by 121%.
  • Made online bookings easier, seeing a 27% increase in bistro diners.
  • 75,000+ new users & 380,000+ new views.
  • Average time spent on the website is 1.09 minutes.
  • Average engagement of 50 seconds.
  • Additional 51% in membership sign ups gained by moving the membership application online.
  • Additional 31% enquiries for functions and events.
    Enhanced journey and 18% conversion rate in event bookings.


Post-refurbishment with a timeless and modern style to attract a wider market. The Full Moon Hotel capacity expanded an extra 80 seats including walk-in seating, high bars, casual cafe dining and The Treehouse kids play space. As a hive of activity, we offer eclectic weekly pub entertainment such as: Trivia Nights, Musical Bingo, Weekend Vibrant Acoustic Sessions drawing a consistent and loyal patronage.

Full Moon Hotel Marketing and Campaign Focus FY22-23

  • Enhancing customer experience.
  • Improving offerings and operations to best meet customer expectations.
  • Keeping up with trends and creating innovative promotions.
  • Database increase and engagement to support creating repeat patronage.
  • Aligning marketing and developing a plan for consistency and reaching our target market.
  • Giving back to our community.

The Full Moon Hotel x Balter

In 2022, The Full Moon Hotel in partnership with Balter Brewery installed the Balter Beer Tank. 

From Currumbin to Sandgate, it’s Tank Beer delivered directly from Balter Brewery to the tank at The Full Moon Hotel, making it more fresh. 

Since its installation in October, The Full Moon Hotel have consistently sold 250+ litres of Balter XPA weekly.


FMH Member database saw an increase of 51% in memberships, 28% more than the previous year.

To increase our Membership database, spend and encourage regular visitation from patrons we offer a Full Moon Hotel Rewards Program. Members who opt in for the rewards program receive special offers including exclusive discounts and services throughout the Hotel and four local bottle-shops.

Frequent rolling SMS messages to the FMH Member database with over 3000 members and a 96% open rate.