Catch up with Amanda Stevens

We could all do with a little more Omotenashi in our lives. Watch our video from today, below to catch up on all the hot tips Amanda was able to provide us!

Nathan Bush from 12High

Nathan Bush is the founder and lead consultant at 12HIGH. He is a strategic leader who has defined strategies and delivered solutions across digital, marketing, eCommerce and IT.

Carina from Aspley Physiotherapy

In my chat with Carina, we discuss all things business, Covid, partnerships in business, parenthood and whats in store for Aspley Physiotherapy in the future.

Tahnee from Hello Fern

Biggest takeaway – You just never know who your next client is… for me, it was TIKTOK!

Lana from Catfish Designs

It’s always a delight when I get to catch up with Lana – head honcho over at Catfish Designs. I truly love hearing how a generational business started, evolved and is kicking arse throughout this new world we live in.

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